Covert Online Operations with
Compliant Virtual Backstopping

About Stratis

Stratis provides cover for proactive outreach to investigate targets while minimizing potential attribution.

Use Cases

  • Law Enforcement
  • Security Companies
  • General Corporate Security

Stratis for Law Enforcement

Learn how Stratis is used to investigate crime-as-a-service.


Avoid Discovery and Attribution

Download and disappear thanks to thousands of unique connection chains of encrypted traffic.

Operate without Delay

Experience high-performance secure one-time connections over dynamically created, secure network tunnels.

Automatically Assembled Infrastructure

Focus on investigations, not network administration.

Minimize Attribution at Every Turn

Dissociate your organization from attributable procurement using commercial backstopping.

Meet Crucial Auditing Requirements

Have confidence thanks to real-time logging and auditing, allowing your organization to pass an accountability review.

Conduct Proactive Outreach

Connect with with high priority subjects and targets.

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