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Why Work for Inferno Systems?

We know what it’s like working for the big organizations. That is why we created Inferno Systems to be different. When it comes to our employees, we’ve structured our business with their personal and professional advancement in mind.

From day one we give you the tools and flexibility you need to be successful - both on the job and in your careers - without the messiness of a large organizational bureaucracy getting in the way.

Absolutely! Inferno Systems is fully vested on day one.

Inferno Systems matches employee contributions dollar-for-dollar up to the IRS maximum of $20,500.  We want to make sure our employees know their future is secure by maximizing their retirement savings.  Inferno Systems flexible 401(k) options allow everyone to contribute what they want, and as much as they want.  With our 401(k) matching plan, Inferno Systems employees can save far more than with other companies, which can make a massive difference in retirement savings in the long run.  Even better, all employer matching contributions are fully vested on day one.  How many other companies can say that?

Inferno Systems offers one of the best health care plans available to make sure you and your family are fully covered.  Most other companies have moved to high deductible plans to reduce their costs, but Inferno Systems knows that our employees are our biggest asset.  We want to make sure you can focus on the mission and not worry about health care costs and submitting receipts.  That’s why we offer our employees a CareFirst HealthBlue Platinum level plan with low deductibles which includes dental and vision.  Now you can rest easy knowing you and your family are covered by one of the top health care plans in the country.

Life happens to everyone.  That is why at Inferno Systems, we offer the maximum flexibility for all of our employees to meet their work/life balance goals.  Hours can be flexed so you can take care of that unexpected pipe burst, picking up a sick child from school, or planning for that long weekend.  Whatever the case, our employees have the flexibility to make their job work for them.

We offer each employee up to $7,500 per year in professional educational expenses to move their career forward and realize their educational goals.  No matter if you are enrolled in a degree program, want to take advanced security training from, or other professional certifications, as long as it is job-related then Inferno Systems has you covered.

Other Benefits.  Inferno Systems provides Long Term Disability, Short Term Disability and basic life insurance for each and every employee.  Our Short Term Disability benefit also covers maternity leave.

Our Benefits

Our benefits are some of the best in the industry among small businesses. We provide our employees with advanced training opportunities to earn professional certifications to help them progress in their careers. Top performers deserve top compensation.

Extras: Inferno Systems benefits aren't limited to the "boring" things in life like health care and professional development. We like to have fun, just because! Some examples include going to concerts like Imagine Dragons, tickets to Hershey Park, an afternoon at Top Golf and even escape rooms. Why? At Inferno Systems, we focus on the mission so much it is easy to forget what the mission is for. The "why" is preserving our freedom and spending time with the people we love. That is why we do what we do.

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