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Location: Chantilly, VA US
Security Clearance Requirement: TS/SCI with Full Scope Polygraph
Clearance Status: Must be Current
Inferno Systems is searching for Network Security Analysts to work on our red team to
identify target network infrastructure and vulnerabilities. You will work closely with
penetration testers and other team members to map out target networks (SIGDEV) using
many different network artifacts. You will assist with identifying target objectives,
understanding internal network connections and architectures, lateral movement, and any
internal security mechanisms (IDS/IPS, host-based agents, etc).
You will also analyze data collected from the target and assist with drafting operational
reports of your findings. You will help scope, guide and analyze network exploitation
activities and risks. You will be responsible for mapping out target networks, identifying
opportunities for expansion and assisting Penetration Testers in planning out next steps.
You can also assist the Penetration Testers to better hone their operational security, evade
detection and find new ways to penetrate and pivot through target networks.
Inferno Systems is searching for Network Security Analysts to work on our red teams to
identify and target network vulnerabilities, analyze large amounts of network data and make
recommendations based on their analysis. This unique opportunity allows you to experience
both sides of CNE activity, expand both your offensive and defensive skills and help you
think like the attacker to improve operational success. You must like solving complex
challenges, developing threat detection processes based on analytic findings and
researching the latest cyber security solutions in a rapidly changing environment.

• Experience in planning or executing cyber operations.
• Proficient in data exploitation and data analysis.
• Proficient in analyzing log files from web hosting services and other technical
• Proficient in analyzing and exploiting raw PCAP collections.
• Strong understanding of networking protocols and layers.
• Experience analyzing and evaluating large amounts of data from multiple sources,
operations, and demonstrated success converting findings into actions.
• Demonstrated ability to mine data from customer tools and data repositories/databases.
• Experience working across organizations to share information and coordinate future
• Proven ability to communicate technical requirements to development teams and
represent stakeholder equities through ongoing relationships.
• Knowledge of IT defensive best practices and the penetration testing lifecycle

• Experience using scripting languages for automation, parsing data sets, and data
visualization/analytics (e.g. python, perl, etc.).
• Knowledge of stand-alone automated configuration management systems (e.g.: Chef
Solo, Ansible, Kickstart).
• Ability to pay attention to details, ensuring accuracy in documentation and data.
• Proficiency in PCAP analysis using tools such as Wireshark or Snort, as well as other
network analysis data sets and tools such as Red Seal or EnCase.
• Strong understanding of Windows domains.
• Familiarity with methodologies to include understanding of web application protocols/flaws,
redirection of network traffic, web browser vulnerabilities techniques.
• Strong analytical and critical thinking skills, ability to think strategically.
• Ability to express complex ideas and insights verbally and in writing to a variety of
• Ability to remain open minded and change opinions based on new information and

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